Tuesday, June 24, 2008

How I hate World of Warcraft

Hello. I haven’t had much time to blog lately, so I thought I’d treat my faithful readers with an instant blurb of hate (AKA rant).

As the title implies I hate the game known as World of Warcraft. Why do you ask? Well, that’s the funny part, you see, because I’ve never played that game. As a matter of fact, based on what I’ve heard, gameplay-wise, it seems to be quite a neat game! The reason for all of the hatred is simple, though, and I’m pretty sure many of you have felt it before. I hate the acronym “WOW”. and I hate the popularity of it. It’s ludicrous.

  • Friend: “I installed a new game {not related to World Of Warcraft) and my videogame console died”
  • Me: “WOW!”
  • Friend: “Hellz yeah WOW is the shiznit yo!!”

If you fail to see the irony of this conversation (you’re probably within the game’s target audience), allow me to elaborate. The expression “WOW!” has existed possibly since before the English tongue was established. It’s quite a phenomenal expression only surpassed by champions such as “WOAH!” or “DUDE!”. It is used to express surprise, admiration, wonder, or pleasure.

So next time I say “WOW! That’s neat!” and my expression of glee is truncated by the mention of this game, I will slap the person responsible for such faux pas. The world has been properly warned.